secure a space to learn

Recently, I have not studied English well with some reasons.

The largest and most severe factor is my weak will.

At home, I must resist against many temptations like internet, favorite books and sleeping.

In addition, I must (or want to) share my time with my wife (I never excuse about this consequence).

Accoringly, I have not spent enough time to study to satisfied me.

As a result, I can not help reflecting my current deplorable situations and seek some way to improve them.

As a way to change me, I weigh to use a rental studying room near from my office.

The room for which I will contract will cost 15,000 yen per a month.

It is never cheap but I will regret unless I will use the room.

As you can imagine easily, it was difficult to pursuade my wife to allow me to use it because our common time will decrease.

"I will miss you", she said. Of couse, I was delighted as her husband. But our good relationship has prevented me to study. Thus, I try to ease her anxiety and let her understand my dicision.

Finally, she allowed me to use it. So, I will go to the room on coming Friday to see ii before the contract.

I thank her for permission and want to study hard in the room.

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