As everyone knows, large canals play very important roles for global trading.

Especially, the most famous canals, namely Suez Canal and Panama Canal.

Until now, I have not paid much attention to Panama although Panama Canal is popular and great achievement.

Today, I read an article of a newspaper about Panama City (capital city of Panama) and the article said that the city has international atmosphere based on the history of Panama.

Panama endured many interventions from other nations such as USA, France and Columbia because Panama has been located on very inmportant and valuable position which link between the Atlantic and Pacific ocean.

Based on the relationships of other nations, Panama has developed the unique culture which combine those of other nations.

In addition, finance and sightseeing industries flourish in Panama, therefore there are many skyscrapers in the center of Panama City.

The more I read the article, the more I knew about the circumstances of Panama and startled at the uniqueness of the nation.

If I get a chance to visit to Middle America, I will attempt to see both Panama and Costa Rica (I am interested in Costa Rica because the nation never has any forces but can keep the independence).

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