tailor shirt

Recently, I have been interested in tailor shirts because they are very fashonable and good fashion in the office will strength my tension at work.

I checked the prices of tailor shirts on the website of some tailor shops.

I found some shops and was fascinated with Kamakura shirts.

The company provide wide range of fabrics (both Japanese and imports) and they are excellent.

Especially, imports series are composed of prestige brand items, namely Testa, Thomas Mason etc.

In addition, we can select our favorite designs in detail.

On the website, we can order a tailored shirt with import material with only 12,600 yen.

When I will afford to buy it, I want to order a tailored shirt and ascend to the next stage as a business person (?).

Of course, I must fuifill other conditions to go to next stage.

For instance, I must study English more to acquire not only good scores of IELTS/GMAT but also good command of English.

Perhaps, when I will hold both fashonable garments and good English command, I will be confident as a fledged businessperson.

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