start to prepare for GMAT

To apply for MBA program, we (international applicants) need to auquire good scores of two examinations.

One is a score of TOEFL/IELTS (or other test like them), another is GMAT.

The former is necessary for only non-native English user, but all appilicants including English native must take GMAT (some schools do not require applicants to take GMAT).

Until now, I have prepared for IELTS, but I should also study for GMAT because of my schedule.

GMAT is so difficult that I presume to take for a few months (at most over 1 year !? ) to acquire enough GMAT score to apply for TOP schools.

Most top schools require us to hand in over 680 and the needed scores have been rising recently because the number of applicants have increased because of this recession.

When I started to prepare for applying MBA, I attempted to study GMAT by myself. However, most applicants and alumni recommend us to use professional services. Therefore, I accepted the advices and decided to enter a prep school for GMAT.

Now, I have studied Sntence Corrction (SC grammar) and Reading Comrehension exclusively. I will also study other sections soon.

If possible, I want to take the first GMAT in June or July and finish it by September or at worst October.

Anyway, I will learn many English issues through the lessons and texts of the prep schools and never regret my way to MBA.

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