condolence to blind tennis originator

Now, we can find wide range of sports for disordered people such as blind football, marathon, basketball etc.

Most sports for handicapped peoples are called "adapted sports" because they are modified for such persons.

Top adapted sports player play in tha Paralympic games and they show excellent performance.

Then, I think that human’s potential ability is infinite. And I respect the efforts of the handicapped players.

We can understand the difficulty of the sports easily when we walk or run for few meters under blind condition or make some activities without a fanction of a part of our bodies.

16,Janualy,2011, an accident happened at Mejiro station, Tokyo, and Mr. Miyoshi Takei died in the incident.

He falled into train track because he was blind and could not acknowledge the border between the platform and the track. Then there was no fence on the platform.

Mr. Takei was well-known as a originator of blind tennis and had preveiled it all over the world.

He aimed that the Paralympic committee would adopt blind tennis as an event of the Paralympic Games.

It is a regretable fact that a person who pursue improvement of handicapped persons’ lifes died because of not disease but the accident which came from lack of barrier-free system.

But I wonder if persons around there could help him with little alarming to him.

Hearing this accident and achievement by Mr. Takei, I feel that I should pay more attention to disordered people and ask all of us (of course including me) to become more generous for handicapped persons.

When we will afford to consider such person, our society will be more strong and filled with kindness and happiness.

Again, I thank Mr.Takei for his efforts.

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