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Do you remember SHINJO?

As you know, he was a professional baseball player played in Japan (NPB) and USA (MLB).

Recently, I chanced to browse wikipedia’s article about SHINJO and was very impressed with it. Then, I would like to write the impression down this blog not to forget it.

In my image, he was a qualified player with especially fielding (of cource his batting was not bad although flactuated).

Futhermore, he paid strong attention to his performance and entartainment. For instance, he composed a group of mask heros with his teammates (Morimoto, Tsuboi, Ishimoto, Shimada and SHINJO) for the sake of fans. The fans might delight while the staffs might be confused.

After retirement, alledgedly he has engaged wide range of fields with his ability. He is so fashinable that he produced a perfume with a cosmetics maker.

In addition, he has drawn many pictures. In Sapporo, he held a gallery.

Why was I impressed with SHINJO?

What attracted me was not only his wide skill but also his lifestyle and creed.

When he transfered to New York Mets, few people expected him to show good performance in MLB in contrast to expectation to Ichiro who transfered to Seattle Mariners at the same time (2001).

The challenge was so risky that most people might be reluctant to take, in addition he established a steady position in Hanshin Tigers.

However he got into new frontier even though his income decreased so much.

I competely agree with his challenge because of not his following achievements in MLB but his spilit to tackle against risk in order to realise his dream.
Futhermore, he had been free from many bindings but had considered other persons.

He sometimes showed bizarre performances but often confirmed related persons to be understood the performances.

Behaviors of famous players tend to be influential for operations or behaviors of other persons, therefore his attitudes were correct and I respect him because some famous person never consider those circumstances.

He knew that his excellent performances were supported by a lot of cooperations.

For that matter, he does not keep close relationships with baseball field and he enjoy no matter what he want. He may be absolutely free from troublesome human relationships, works and value senses.

Lately, I have been more fashionable than before. However I should learn not only fashion sense but also his motivation as an entertainment, consideration, attitude not to show effrorts to others etc from SHINJO.

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  1. yosuke のコメント:

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    In my recruit in 2001 , once I told that I was the one like Shinjo rather than Ichiro in the interview.
    It meant I had any special skills but I had something good for the team.
    If the company need to make more conversation or make the mood better, please offer me.
    I always enjoyed the recruit interview.
    Finally I got a ticket to enter the company.
    (But I selected another company…)
    Anytime, the person like Shinjo is necessary, I suppose.

  2. ゆーけー のコメント:

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    Thank you for your comment.
    I completely agree with your standpoint.
    I regard the team behavior as an important factor of business person.
    Of course, Ichiro will be beneficial for a team, but Shinjo will play an important role too.
    And, most of us can not become Ichiro, however, can become Shinjo(this means his character) with some endevors and awareness.


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