donations from "DATE NAOTO"s

Recently, we can hear reports that Date Naoto, a hero of Tiger Mask (a famous wrestling comic in 70s), has donated primary school bags (ransel) or other presents for underpriviledged children.

The donation cases are reported from all prefectures and in some cases the gifts were presented with other names (Date Masamune in Miyagi and Momotaro in Okayama. Yabuki Jo also emerged).

I do not know Date Naoto because I am younger than the generation of Naoto. But I can guess that he may be loved by many children in his hayday and I love him now.

Alledgedly, this movement called "Tiger mask activity" was started from last Decemver and until now, 299 cases are reported in allover Japan (as of 12 Jan 2011).

I felt very heartful from these stories because the first goodwill stimulated other behaviors and this campaign will help many children.

In the original story, Naoto was an orphan and had sufferd a poor condition. After growth, he donated his earning to facilities for orphans. So, current Naotos are similar to authentic Naoto in Tiger mask.

Now the economy is badly weaken, however our virtue do not wither. I am very happy to confirm the fact through this voluntary campaign. Many apprehensions are shown for our society but I believe that we will be able to keep our society if we will retain our excellent virtue.

In the future, I want to conduct works which realize people’s potential good intensions with social finance or other ways.

When I will achieve my final goal, the society will greatly improved and innovated by many ambitious and generous persons.

Last but not least, thank you, Date Naoto (original and real) !!

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