freedom of speech

Yesterday, I attended in an English conversation class and discussed about "freedom of expression".

At first, I was introduced a case of Chinese woman who posted her opinion urging chinese citizens to attack Japan’s pavilion in Shanghai Expo on Twitter.

Chinese Authority judged that she had disordered the society and put her into a court. Finally, she was given a sentence forcing her engaging one-year labor and re-educaiton.

I do not support her opinion and understand chinnese government’s apprehension, however I never agree with censor of any expression except for verval violences.
This case might be a violence, thus there is some room to plead the government. But I sometimes feel that Chinese authorities tend to interfere freedom of expression and Chinese public opinion often lean toward particular direction radically.
This tendency is very dangeous for not only Chinese citizens but also foreign people because the citizens is likely to be hostile toward foreigners and as a result, it becomes more difficult for us to establish friendly and sustainable relationship.

Generally speaking, right to express and insist what everyone want to say is most important and fundamental for us, especially in modern societies.

If we lack for the right, we would feel very uncomfortable and narvous. Consequently, people may accumulate complaints and at last the situation will divide the public.

Until now, the government and the Communist party seem to control public opinions and keep social oreder. However, now that people can access wide range of information from edges of the world easily even though the authorities limit the access, it will be more difficult for the government to manipulate public opinions and control the movements.

When it comes to literatures and arts, freedom of expression plays important roles.

Under censor or limitation of expression, the possibility of masterpieces will be limited and infridged.

For instance, a Soviet composer Dmitrii Dmitrievich Shostakovich suffered from pressure from the regime because the pressure had prevented him to compose musics which he want to express.

In addition, people can not admire some persons under oppression. For example, people can not admire Mitsunari Ishida, a high bureaucrat who resist against Ieyasu Tokugawa (founder of Edo Shougunate), throghout Edo era.

If they had not considered of any limitations, they would have make other arts and studies along their characters, curiosities and favors.

For Japanese, freedom of expression may be gift from other nations after WWⅡ rather than a right earned by forebears. But we should take care of this right so much and I appreciate the circumstance related with freedom now.

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