Today, I acquired a magazine through Amazon service.

The name of it is "Sotokoto ". "Sotokoto" means "under a tree" in the langage of an African ethnic group, Bantu.

This magazine deal with environmental topics, CSR, sustainable lifestyle, magnificent nature and so on and on the version of Feb 2011, it focuses the contents on social finance.

I was introduced it by a member of A SEED JAPAN and immediately I ordered it to Amazon.

In the magazine, I was attracted to some articles which mentioned social finance paticularly European case.

Case of Triodos Bank which I want to work during or after MBA program is mentioned and it is very interesting.

But, I slightly disappointed the article because it does not refer to the way to apply for Japanese situation.

In the future, I shall introduce the banking system of Triodos Bank but I can not learn good steps to utilize the Toriodos’s wisdom.

Of course, I should learn the excellent systeme through not only books but also other activities namely direct interview, internship and full-time job.

So, I attempt to obtain internship position in social banks like Toriodos during MBA course.

In European area, many social banks are established, thus I plan to study business in European countly including United Kingdom.

Other than this issue, I found some remarkable articles. Stories about analyzing current financial crisis, social responsible investment and sustainable lifestyle so called LOHAS are facinating.

And I read a interview to Mr. Shigeki Toma, CEO of Shinsei Bank about the bank’s strategy and his perspective. He said that Shinsei Bank will try to expand lending to venture companies and recovery projects although the steps differ from other banks but I compeletely agree with him if they can control the credit risk properly.

In conclusion, the magazine is worth paying the price of 800 yen.

I recommend you to read it if you have interest in CSR or social finance.

SOTOKOTO (ソトコト) 2011年 02月号 [雑誌]/著者不明
カテゴリー: CSR・SRI パーマリンク


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