To scold others, To lead others

Last night, I talked about scolding others and keeping leadership with other MBA applicants cohorts.

The inception of the discussion was a my comment that I rarely talk with others from the bottom of my heart from start of my career.

A person responded to confirm the mean and I said that I had been afraid to offend someone with scolding or criticizing and tended to avoid to do.

Because I have seen(※) some ugly aspects of humans and struggled from human relationship, I may not credit others completely. But, of course, I like to communicate with others.

Another one admonished me to change myself to say anything what I should say if I would want to play important role as a leader.

He also said that he never trust those who make only positive and supportive comments.

I completely agree with him although I seemed to be true of the case.

During the discussion, one comment gathered menbers’ atteintions.

She has an experience of coaching and said that devices to point out negative points differ from each persons are important when we scold or indicate bad points of subsidies or co-workers or at most our bosses.

Since she used to be a coach, we accepted her comment easily.

After the conversation, I made a resolution to talk with others aggresively and provide negative comment if needed for our real and long-term benefit.

To become a good leader, I should be more tough.

Thank you for your valuable advice and encouragement, all of you!!

※After uploading, a reader pointed out my grammatical mistake. Thank you for your cooperation.

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