Corporate Social Responsibility

The today’s topic of english conversation lesson was Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

As you know, it have become very famaous, important but controversial issue recently under situations that wide range of social problem such as fear against social security, employment, and sustainability of natural environment.

Actually, I have been interested in this topic from my university age and my graduation thesis was related with CSR (its title was international comparison of CSR policy).

In the lesson, senior excutives’ attitudes about CSR were mentioned.

A survey conducted by IBM showed that most excutive manager had more favor for CSR than before while small number of senior persons responded negatively despite of current recession.

However, the investigation also indicated that there were many gaps between their businesses and the sustainable goal which they pursue.

A reason introduced was that the companies did not collect and analyze informations about stakeholders’ needs, therefore they could not take steps to change them fundamentally.

In addition, CSR is acknowledged as cost rather than benefit, the companies are reluctant to pay atteintion and resources to CSR. Especially, effects from CSR can not be quantified easily, the board menbers may struggle to expalain the means to investors,

I support the concept of CSR, however I should consider opinions of the opponents against CSR.

Some insist that the companies’ role are only to comply laws and regulations and pay (more) tax and the government and citizen sector shold aim to improve our society. This is the best way to maximize each sectors’ contributions and total satisfaction of our society.

I understand these opinions. But I concern the wisdom of the government and believe that companies’ voluntary activities can improve so effectively that companies can improve with less social cost and such activity wii stimulate enployees to consider many negative aspects.

Now, I am not sure about correct CSR system but I believe that the more companies’ roles are important, the more their (social) responsibility become.

Futhermore, comtenpory society have become so complex that each sectors are needed to take steps propery for sustainability.

Through MBA enrolling, I wolud like to mull about good solution to urge cooperations, governments and citizens to pay atteintions and resourses for better society spontaneously and with less burden.

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