career perspective

Regarding for applying MBA programs, we (except for applicants sponsored by their companies/organizations) must consider career progress after MBA courses.

Until now, I have worked in the fields related with finance and want to work in finance industry like commercial banking service, investment banking, private equity and venture capital.

Tonight, I had talked about job of security analyst with acquaintance on twitter and he said that the vocation is very interesting.

The company to which I belong contain a section to analyze credits and performances of companies and circumstances of economies, and I want to work in the section.

I shall show my hope of personeel change at the next meeting about my career progress (of course in the company) with my boss.

Fortunatery, I acquire a qualification of security analyst of Japan (CMA ) therefore it may be relatively easy for me to forecast my personnel change to the section. Of course, it will rely on the intension of the personnel department.

I like to communicate with others and think that the tasks as a security analyst like interviews and credit and performance analyzing will bring me many opportunities to develop my skills which I will need for post-MBA career.

Whether my desire will rearize or not, I shall go abroad to enroll a business school from 2012.

By the time, I want to spend valuable time to maximize the benefit from learning in the school.

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