being choosy about shoes

In this new year day, I went to a local department store to buy some (new year) discounted goods.

It is well-known that most shops commit discount sale in new year days especially package sales so called "lucky sack (Huku-Bukuro)" are very pupular.

Then I bought some lucky sacks (they contained some shirts and jackets) and two shoes.

One is monk-strap style shoes of "Union Imperial " and the other is also monk-strap shoes of "Arejandro ". Union Imperial is a Japanese bland and Arejandro is an Italian one.

Photos of them are below.


monk-strap shoes by Union Imperial


monk-strap shoes by Arejandro

Last October, I bought shoes by REGAL, one of famous Japanese blands. But before the time, I had posessed only cheap shoes no more than 3,000 yen.

However, when I bought a REGAL shoes, I wanted to be choosy about shoes because some people would consider shoes which would be taken by others and I did not want to be seen as a poor and shobby person.

In addition, I talked with acquaintances about shoes and I knew that there were many qualified shoes bland in Japan and the rest world including United Kingdom, Italy and France etc.

In the future, I shall attempt to acquire some prestigious shoes but also consider not to be insolvent.

By the way, I also went to Kashima shrine located in Hyogo Pref to pray successes of MBA applying.

At the shrine, I drew my resolutions on a votive picture tablet (called "EMA" in Japanese).


I wrote the success of IELTS OA7.0 ,GMAT680 and getting offers from some preferable business schools.

Of course, my success will not be based on God but my efforts. I shall study English more intensively than before and acquire enough score to apply good schools.

And I traveled to Manyo-misaki (cape with thousands of leafs) in western part of Hyogo Pref (Aioi City) with my family (the name of the hotel whinch we stayed was "Manyo-misaki" too ).


scenery of Manyo-misaki

Aioi City and Ako City where is next to Aioi are familiar with salt, oyster, and history such as Ako-Roushi (Ako the Forty-Seven Loyal Retainers).

There are not convenient although some Shinkansen express lines stop but cuisines are delicious, scenerys are magnificent.

From these factors, I recommend you to stay at Aioi and Ako City when you arrive at Hyogo Pref.

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