study British SRI

From my university age, I have been interested in Social Finance, especially Social Responsible Investment (SRI) because I have expected investment industry to improve and stimulate Cooprate Social Reponsibility (CSR) and thought that the amount of investment in Japan is enough to improve it.

Recently, Japanese Government and finance industry have insisted that citizens should take care of their asset management and have more various finance instrument namely stocks, bonds, investment trust etc because we will not be able to ensure enough money to secure our life after retirement under such low interest rate condition.

With this trend, more people have interest about investment, so I think that investment will have more possibility to improve activities by companies and SRI will be more important for sustainable economy and society.

Lately, I noticed that Social Investment Forum Japan (SIF-Japan) , one of the most famous organizations commiting SRI, will hold studying session about SRI, I invited my colleagues to attend the event.

In the event, current SRI of British style will be introduced, Because United Kingdom has long history to manage SRI and I feel disappointed Japanese SRI and its condition, I have much interest of the topic.

The session will be held on 27,January.

I am looking forward attending it because Mr. Kanai belonging to Sumitomo Trust Bank will take part in it. He is an authority of CSR and SRI and I have read some books written by him from the time when I was facinated with CSR and SRI.

If possible, I shall try to talk with him after the session.

I must study English and prepare for IELTS on 22 and 23 January but shall review his books by the event.

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