Bag produced by Louis Vuitton

In this holiday, I had backed my hometown and met my parents.

At that time, my mother gave me a bag. On the surface, some well-known designs were printed. It is a bag titled " Louis Vuitton".

At first, I hesitated to accept the offer from her because it was very expensive even though it needed to be repaired. But she told me that I would need some prestageous accesory when I would travel or meet some important persons and so on. I understood her and I acquired the bag.

Accordingly, I went to a Louis Vuitton store in Mitsukoshi at Nihombashi after my work and ordered the staff to repair it.

The leather linking the bag itself and zippers is teared. The staff told me that I needed 11,500 yen to repair the part and I accept the condition.

The bag will return to me one month later. I am very looking forward using it.

I should not be so choosy about brand that I lose my adquate value sence but I also think that sophisticated goods make us better and more confident.

Therefore, I wii consider about my belongings to be more confident and to be recognized better by others(coworkers, customers, friends and family members etc).

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