Colin Firth as a cover of The Big Issue

During coming back home from my office, I found a person who sold a magagine called "The Big Issue ".

The magazines are sold by homeless persons and they can earn some money from the benefit. Accordingly, we can support homeless person to buy the magazines.

The most excellent point of this magazine is to serve both business and charity.

At least, I buy the magazine based not only on charity but also on quarity of the magazine.

As this system has been effective to make homeless persons independent, I admire the system.

Because of the lofty purpose, the magazine can be accepted many support from famous actor/actress or character, such as "the very hungry caterpillar" or Miffy.

They emerge on th covers or cope with interviews to write a special article.

Today, I could chose a magazine from two ones.
The cover of one was Mumin, that of another was Colin Firth who played King Jeorge Ⅵ in "The King’s Speech".

In most cases, I chose a magazine whose cover is famous character rather than an actor/actress because I am not familiar with movies and dramas.

However, I was fascinated with the movie and Colin Firth, the main actor of the movie, I chosed the cover with him.

In the interview to him, it is said that his sister is a voice counselor same as Lionel Logue and she has supported Logue’s idea.

The interview express Colin’s life well and notice us his attractions so much.

From now on, I would like to check him and his movie.

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