aptitude for writing

For my tasks, I sometimes make essays.

Today, I got the essays written by me checked by my boss, and then he applauded me.

I was delighted to hear that and I had confidence about my skill to wirte some documents or essays.

For that matter, I have dreamed that I wii be a vovelist who write especially history novels.

When I can afford to spend enough time and energy to write a novel, I want to make a novel which mention Houjou Ujikuni (third son of Houjou Ujiyasu).

Ujikuni was not only an excellent commander who won in many battles but also a good politician who developed his realm well.

It is often said that current prosperity of Gunma Prefecture, specifically fabric industry, was established by him.

Houjou clan and he were defeated by Toyotomi Hideyoshi in Odawara war in 1590 and he died in Kanazawa where was distant from his birthplace and his realm without past glory. Neverthless many people showed condolence for him. This fact attracts me.

Now, I have an objective to enroll MBA course abroad. So it may be a good plan to record activities through the course. But some books about MBA lives are already published.

So, I want to write books of other categories which are different from MBA lives.

Combination business theory and history may be interesting not only because I like history but also the number of fan of history seems to increase.

Anyway, I would like to utilize this talent to write good essays of MBA applications.

Perhaps, when I am accepted by courses and enter an MBA course, my second career will started.

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