peace attempt between Takeda clan and Oda clan

For prosperity of nations, deplomacy is an important factor in all times and places.

Of course, lords in war era in Japan paid much attention to diplomacy.

In 1575, Takeda clan led by Takeda Katsuyori had a battle in Nagashino against alliance forces of Oda Nobunaga and Tokugawa Ieyasu.

In the battle, Oda and Tokugawa comletely defeated Takade force and Takeda clan loses many great commanders including Yamagata Masakage, Baba Nobuharu, Naito Masatoyo and Sanada Nobutsuna (brother of Masayuki).
As a result of the battle, Takeda had lost its power rapidly while Oda had taken steps to expand the power.

Bad end approached to Katsuyori. Of course, Katsuyori tried to make the sircumstances better with implement of revolution of organization and good deplomacy.

One of his steps was peace attempt between Takeda and Oda clan, so called "Kougou-wayo" during 1580-81.

Some say that it seems to be a surrender actually.

However, Oda regarded it out of question.

This fact is not well-known and I knew it recently. Knowing the incident, I was surprised that Katsuyori sought the survival options including such humilitating way.

Finally, the alliance with Oda, Tokugawa and Houjo attacked Takeda, and Takeda clan was overthrown at 1582 (he committed suicide).

From this story, I feel that diplomacy is vital to keep all entities’ influences powerful and our environment better.
And I would like to say Katsuyori "you did your best".

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