an ideal boss

If you will be able to chose a historical person as your boss, who do you chose?

Some may cite Oda Nobunaga, and others may Tokugawa Ieyasu, Sakamoto Ryoma, Ito Hirobumi etc.

I know their characteristics and achievements, then I understand the choice.

They had aggressive tempers and excellent leaderships. I take it for granted that many business persons chose them as ideal bosses.

But I would like to name Tokugawa Hidetada, a son of Tokugawa Ieyasu and second Shougunate of Tokugawa regime, as an ideal boss.

Tokugawa Hidetada

I have some reasons why he is my ideal manager.

At first, he consider each person around him, not only those of high office but also his subordinates or low class citizens etc.

I know many episodes that he expressed considerations and generosity to his subordinates and they strengthened their allegiance to Hidetada (and Toyotomi Hideyoshi made similar stories to Hidetada).

If a manager consider and make a generous comment on the staffs, they will have more motivation to the task.

In addition, he had great insight to politics (not military?). As texts of Japanese history contain, he cotributed to establish political regime of Edo administration through some legistration such as feudal lords act and the imperial Court act.

He is never reputed as an outstanding position as a historical hero, however, I respect him with not only his achievements but also his behaviors as a boss and leader.

If I would work under Hidetada, I would encourage myself to make more effort than my limit to reward his expctations and generosity.

(If Nobunaga would be my boss, I would also make desperate endevour with different reason・・・.)

For these reasons, I cite Tokugwa Hidetada as an excellent manager.

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