Dear classmates

Dear classmates of RSM MBA class of 2013

How is Rotterdam?
How is your orientation days?
How is your classmates?

I feel all are comfortable so far.
All experiences are fresh for me because I had lived in only Japan, I had communicated with only Japanese, and I had been responsible for limited role.
In RSM, we can meet various students, in terms of nationality, background and character.
So, RSM life is precious for me.

Therefore, I want to communicate and exchange information and opinion of various issues with
 peers. Communicating with various people will change my future life and options very rapidly. 
And fortunately, I can communicate with some international students so far. Very excited!
In addition, my friends are so kind that I can’t appreciate them more.

A classmate introduced Dutch drugs for cold. It’s symbol of their kindness.

But, I am not satisfied with the current situation.
Because, my human relationship is narrow, and I need to make it larger and larger.
I have two hurdles. One is my character. I am shy. Second is language. My English command is so poor that I sometimes hesitate to speak to others.
I almost overcome the first hurdle. I changed my character and say “Hi” to many 
students everyday.

However, the second problem is very serious. Because of my poor English skill, especially listening and speaking skill, I can’t understand easily what peers say, therefore I hesitate to talk with others, especially native speakers.
Of course, native peers are so kind that they consider me so much and I thank for the kindness. 
But I worry that my poor English communication skill prevent their smooth talking and annoy them.
This is only excuse. As many peers said me, I must only practice, and I will do.
So, I ask you to take little your time for me when I speak to you. I’ll try and improve my English as soon as possible.

And I will use online tools such as Facebook and E-mail aggressively.
I never give up to communicate with you and I keep in touch at any cost.
Don’t forget this point.

By the way, I would like to introduce myself now because it has (had) been difficult to make
oral communication with peers.
I’m Y.K. from Japan (I don’t open my name on this blog).

My background is Finance, and I had worked in an investment company to run mutual
 funds in Tokyo.
But my role was not investment but legal and compliance tasks.

I am interested in social finance (combination finance and sustainability)
 and my future goal is to establish my own commercial bank in Japan like Triodos 
Bank in the Netherlands. 
The bank is small but unique. It is famous as social 
finance institution.
So, I need to change and boost my career and contact to Triodos Bank.
This is the reason why I enroll RSM.

Dear classmates, and teammates:A.G. D.H. D.H. D.M and S.R. , I rely on you and I’ll help 
you whenever I can.

I ask all of you to get along with me and make this year a precious time for us.

Thank you, all.

On this blog, I gather donation to NPO “SODATEAGE (grow up)” Net which support employment of youngsters through challenge in RSM MBA.
Communication with peers is the most important challenge for me.
The progress is shown on the left side of the blog.
 (current donation and objective amount, unit:Japanese Yen 100yen≒1€) 

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