following circumstances of Touhoku earthquale

More than a day passing after the occurance of the Touhoku earthquake, many facts related with the earthquakes and damages are made clear.

The disaster tolls amount to at least 1,300.

Movies of the tragic tsunami are broadcasted again and again.

Until now, it has been very difficult for us to confirm the safety of residents in disastered area.

Fortunately, Google provided a checking service the safety whose we want to know.

In addition, nuclear plants in Hukushima are suspected their disorders.

As you know, many professionals and civil organizations have expressed apprehensions about danger of nuclear plant and the danger surfaced through the temblors.

The circumstances and perspective of the plants are unclear, however, damages of the plants seem to be profound. Some say that this accident is similar to the case of Three Mile Island, which is a case of radiation leaking of atom plant in USA.

Because of the disorders, electric supply appear to be lack for the demand.

"On 13 March, Tokyo electric company will start rotation electric provision", a report said.

But, the situation is not stable and I am not sure whether the step will be conducted.

Anyway, we need to save the use of electricity to provide more energy to the disastered area.

On Twitter, a suggestion to save the use no matter what the entitiy to use the energy is made. The government and the electric company also ask the citizens to curb the amount of using electricity.

About this issue, I found this photo and I appreciate Gurico which understand and cooperate with the concept.


Only adovatising bulletin board of Grico do not light among these electric ones.

Because the scene may be that of Doutonbori (Osaka), I am not sure that this action will affect positively for electricity supply directly. Neverthless, we should be delighted for the consideration and sympathy from the company.

The situations have changed every moment, thus we must pay atttention to the circumstances.

Additionally, I will attend an event to discuss energy business next weekend (if it will be held), I would like to think about energy issues a bit deeply.

On Twitter or other websites, we can see many supports and massages from many foreign nations.

As of 12 March, 16:00, the nations that expressed intentions of support are as follows:

the Commonwealth of Australia


the United States of America

the Republic of Korea

the People’s Republic of China

the United Mexican States

the Kingdom of Thailand

Zew Zealand


the Republic of Singapore

the Republic of Indonesia

the Azerbaijan Republic

the Republic of India

the Russian Federation

the Turkish Republic

the Federal Republic of Germany

the French Republic

the Kingdom of Belgium

the Republic of Ukraine

the Slovak Republic, UAE

the Swiss Confederation

the Republic of Hungary

the Republic of Poland

the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

the United Kingdom

European Union

the Republic of Chile


the Hellenic Republic (Greece)

Hong Kong

the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

the Kingdom of Denmark


the Oriental Republic of Uruguay


the Republic of Ecuador

the Islamic Republic of Iran
the Kirghiz Republic
the Argentine Republic
the Republic of the Philippines

the Italian Republic
the Kingdom of Sweden

the Republic of Iceland

the Kingdom of Norway

the Republic of Slovenia
the Republic of Ireland

the Republic of Estonia
the Republic of Austria

the Czech Republic

the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
(reference )

I thank these nations for their kindness and I will repay for them with my full of gratitude if possible.

Especially, I would like to show appreciation to New Zealand, which faces massive temblor recently and conduct investigation and reconstruction.

We also hear the voices from grass-roots organizations and citizens to support and encourage Japanese people and I thank them for their supports.

This earthquake is very serious disaster, however, I expect Japanese and international government and citizens of all nations and areas to strengthen our cords and relationships, making this incident the inception to do the step.

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