meeting with a counselor

On 28. January, I held a meeting with a counselor because he was reputated among my acquaintances on Twitter.

Due to the meeting, I went to Tsukiji near from Ginza.

As you know, Tsukiji is familiar with fish market and delicious marine food.
Because the meeting was scheduled at 19:00 and I afford to roam around there, I had marine cuisin in a sushi restaurant.

I ordered a sushi in a bowl (below). The price was 1,800 yen.

It was very tasty but too little to satisfy.


At 19:00, I visited the office to meet the counselor.

During the meeting, I was taught many tips including career planning, scheduling application of MBA course, clue for enough score of IELTS and GMAT etc.

And he cheered up me that I have excellent possibility to be accepted by Manchester Business School.

I satisfied the counselor and want to enroll his lectures if possible.

But I have suffered from lack of money, I can not use the qualified service.

Alternatively, I attempt to advertise the service.

I recommend all of MBA applicants to meet him as early as possible to confirm the application strategy.

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