start to write blog in English

Yestaday,I attended a year end party in which many MBA applicants participate.

In the party,I was very stimulated to study English and make a progress of applications because most perticipants have prepared for their applications so much (even though some of them plan to apply for class of 2014).

I took part in the first and second stage of the party, and I talked with some persons.

They already had a good TOEFL score and taught me the way to improve English skill and score.

I respected them not only for their scores but for their efforts and I thought that I should study English hard.

One of them said that habit to write diary or blog in English is very useful to enhance our English level, therefore I decided to write some articles in English.

I heard that the next party will be held in summer, and I expect myself to report that I will have enough score to apply due to this effort.

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